Staking 2.0

Introducing Gas-less Staking!

Welcome to Proud Lions Studios’ next-gen staking for NFTs. PLS always listens to its holders and works towards optimizing the system for a better user experience. With PLC upgrading the whole ecosystem and creating the new Lionverse Web3 platform, this is just another step in that direction.

Understanding Staking:

In contrast to traditional staking where your NFT is locked within a network to yield rewards, Staking 2.0 is a less stringent variant. It offers the advantage of earning rewards without locking your NFTs for a specific period, thereby enhancing flexibility. This gasless process only requires wallet signing to claim rewards.

PLC’s Staking 2.0: An Evolution!

Some of you may recall our previous staking system launched nearly a year ago. Holders could stake their Lions for 30 or 60 days and earn Steak Tokens, albeit at a gas cost. While we strived for optimal gas usage and user-friendliness, we acknowledged the need for improvement. Hence, Staking 2.0, is our revolutionary approach this year.

How Does Staking 2.0 Function?

To utilize any staking functions, you need to possess a Proud Lions Club NFT (available for purchase(Buy here).
Once you connect your wallet to the staking DApp, it identifies all your PLC NFTs and displays them. In a deviation from traditional staking and claiming, users are required to visit the site daily to claim their Steak Tokens.
Claims are deposited into your Den Bank. You can choose to withdraw them to your Lionverse Profile (a gas-less process) or as an ERC20 token (incurring gas cost). Accumulate tokens over time and use them within our ecosystem for rewards from Roarlinko or the upcoming game Jungle Run.