Otherdeed Otherside Land

BAYC Metaverse Land
We have acquired 6 lucrative lands in the upcoming Metaverse Otherdeed Otherside by Yuga Labs, the company behind the infamous Bored Ape Yacht Club. The land we have acquired is rich in resources, which makes it viable for us and the quality of the graphics matches our NFT design style.
It will feature interactive and unique games and a 3D gallery to showcase our NFTs and tourist destinations.
Corporations, celebrities, and projects like ours have invested in the land in Otherdeed, hoping to bring in customers from the Metaverse. But most of all, for marketing.
Buying land in the Otherdeed will (literally) put us on the map, helping spread awareness. The move will also show that we are not afraid of moving with the latest tech and trends in the space
The entire land will be curated by our own Asad Farook, who is a famous digital artist. Our pride - the NFT owners, will determine the theme.
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