Investments -Revenue Distribution

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💰Donation - 10%
Create a local team of volunteers to buy groceries and necessities, led by the bass guitarist of Magic Box Mix-up Vickith. Weekly runs into the rural areas, where people were affected by the loss of jobs in the tourism sector.
Monthly investments toward AMA organization to help market and grow their business model globally and thus creating newer jobs for local women.
Creation of Metaverse & development- 15%
PLC has build its own Lionverse Island. We will hire experienced talent for play to earn development, asset creation and event curation. Holder will also have the opportunity to create their custom assets which, PLC will integrate within the Lionverse.
PLC will also invest with new upcoming NFT projects and secure collaborations with large blue chips projects.
💰Community awards giveback - 15%
NFTs and ETH giveaways as per sale milestones and monthly contests.
💰Reinvest Marketing/Partnerships - 10 %
PLC will continue to focus on building the celebrity stardom backing it has, to build trust in the brand and increase brand awareness. A few other ongoing strategies are listed below:
Sweep other potential projects floors and form a alliance
Online paid ads
Influencer partnerships
SEO - Ad Words
Large event sponsoring
💰Grow the team - 5%
The Metaverse and NFT space are ever-growing and we will need to up-skill ourselves as well as our team to be better equipped for the future. As this space evolves we will continue to maintain PLC to the highest standard of quality.
💰Company expenses - 5%
This will include expenses incurred during business development, eg: Admin, travel, stationary etc.
💰Treasury for future projects - 10%
Launch Gen2 NFTs, bred from the OG lions called Ethernal Cubs A dynamic AI NFT- project aimed at web2 investors and early crypto adopters. Cubs will have exclusive access to Otherdeed Metaverse.
💰Equity holder salaries - 10%
This is for all founders and co-founders to be paid over 9 months for all the hard work and hours put in.