Morphing System (discontinued)

The Morphing system will allow holders to combine 2 Omega (common) Proud Lion NFTs together, along with a 3rd Gene NFT to create a rarer Gamma or Delta lion.
The new upgraded Lions will be part of the same collection. The 2 Omegas(commons) and the Gene are moved to a dead wallet address, where they can never be accessed again. This process is also known as burning.
This process requires a special NFT called the “Gene Splicer” - (GS). A total of 200 GS will be available. These will have two levels - Delta and Gamma.
Gamma gives Gamma (Rare) Lions; Delta gives Delta (Legendary) Lions.
The Gene NFTs can be acquired by taking part in Discord/Twitter games and contests or random loyalty airdrops. These NFTs can be traded on opensea if required.
Once all upgraded lions are minted, a total of 400 Omega(common)lions will be burned. This also reduces the overall supply.