Rarity- Tokenomics

Proud Lions Club will feature a total of 2,022 NFTs. The collection will contain two base avatars, male and female. These will have their own unique set of traits that will spread across a rarity pyramid.
🆕Each rarity is determined based on the number of hours the artist put into hand-drawing the custom traits.
The rarity pyramid consists of 5 rarity levels, based on the Greek alphabet letters, reflecting the natural hierarchy among predatory mammals. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Omega (image shown below)
Rarity Pyramid
🆕The rarer your lion/lioness is, the higher the rewards and discounts you can avail.
The Lions have 169+ traits and unique Tail traits, which adds a one-of-a-kind feature to the NFT traits space.

🆕2 Alphas - 1 Public Mintable and 1 Auction

These will be diamond crusted, with the highest rarity of One above all - Minter wins 1 ETH
Alpha Male

37 custom 1 of 1s