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Over $250,000 traded volume on ETH! Now moved to APTOS.
Created by Proud Lions Studios, these Warrior Lions and Lionesses were born on the ETH chain and migrated over to the APTOS chain. The project was awarded 2 major APTOS foundation grants to further develop and market the product.
The art is handcrafted and curated by mastermind artist Asad Farook, a professional stylized artist known for his work in movies and comics.
The Proud Lions Club collection is a Play to Earn NFT with access to true passive income through interactivity. This means your Lions work for you and aid you in games to collect rewards. You can earn tokens called 'Steak' and exchange them for web3 or IRL prizes. We have built our very own metaverse called the Lionverse for holders to meet up and bond as a PRIDE!
Use your NFTs to Win IRL rewards like PS5, VR headsets, APTOS, ETH, and many NFT prizes.

Who are Proud Lions Studios?

We're a Web3 and blockchain gaming powerhouse, backed by a seasoned team of experts in blockchain, game design, metaverse crafting, Web3 DApps, and utilities. With over a decade in IT and game development, alongside four years of dedicated blockchain expertise, we're the Web3 technology trailblazers. And with a solid decade of gaming and community-building under our belt, we've got that extra edge. 🎮🌐💪 Join us on this journey and experience a 'New Breed of NFT"
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