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Once upon a time, a huge meteor struck a mythical island in the Indian Ocean, resulting in a large, fiery volcanic eruption. The lava destroyed much of the island and all who lived there. Yet, in the middle of all the destruction, a lone lion managed to escape to safety, making him the only creature to survive on the island.
The lion escaped simply because of his bravery and will to survive; he escaped the lava by running into the crater created by the meteor and covering himself with the soil and waste that was disturbed by the crash. However, the soil was tainted with bits and pieces of the meteorite which were highly radioactive, causing his muscles to tighten. He couldn't move a bone and was soon put into a deep hibernation state, as his body started to turn into carbon. All around him, the ground started collapsing, and since he couldn't move, he was buried deep underground.
Millions of years later, the island has started to regrow and return to normal. Slowly, the ground started to blossom and soften, the radioactive effects started to decay, and the lion emerged. After many years, the lion rose for the first time and noticed the carbon on his skin had been crystalized due to the radioactive soil and turned his entire body into sparkling diamonds. He also realized that he had ten times more strength than before and that his IQ level has also been enhanced. Using these new gifts, he combined the remains of meteoric soil and his DNA to bring back his group of fallen lions to live through their fossil remains. He was successful in bringing back 7,769 lions and lionesses, with their own set of strengths and abilities.
They soon travelled to various parts of the island and began ruling over their kingdoms as they did in the past.
The Alpha Lion was no longer solitary, for now, he was the 'Alpha' The Diamond Crusted Lion, whose pride of lions and lionesses bestowed upon him the title of– 'The One Above All'.
Famous are the stories of such legends as Hercules – the Roman divine hero renowned for his strength and larger-than-life exploits, and just across the Mediterranean Sea, the father of all gods and humans in Greek mythology – Zeus. Similarly, unbeknownst to man and beast, lurking deep within the enchanted jungles of a mythical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean lives the literal "king of the beasts", whose origins are as legendary as its preternatural strength and all-encompassing wisdom.
Many aeons ago, a substantial meteor impact resulted in the eruption of a hitherto dormant volcano on that mythical isle, causing the almost complete decimation of its inhabitants and ecosystem. However, through circumstances beyond human perception, a solitary lion escaped unscathed. Legend states that the lion rushed into the crater caused by the meteor impact and tunneled inside, ensconcing himself within the topsoil and ground uplifted once the meteor hit. The lion hadn't the slightest sliver of understanding that soil around him was infused with highly radioactive fragments from the meteor, which caused his muscles to lock up, effectively mooring him to the ground – immovable, whilst he was still breathing and aware. Eventually, his surroundings started to collapse upon him, burying him deep within the core of the island.
Millions of years flew by, and the geological composition of the island began to return to its original form; the effects of the meteor impact and the volcano it spawned have all but diminished, and the flotsam and jetsam that buried the lion – now known as the "Alpha Lion", have started disintegrating. The Alpha Lion, whose almost eternal incarceration within the core of the island may have annihilated many legendary icons, gradually emerged from his hibernating state to observe the colossal changes to his physique – the meteor fragmented soil and nutrients therein had transformed and crystalized his skin into an intricate pattern and patchwork of glistening diamonds. He was bestowed with herculean strength and wisdom to further gild the lily to rival the ancient sages.
Endowed with an imposing portfolio of powers, he created an elaborate and complex system with the use of the remnants of the meteoric soil and his DNA, to resurrect his pride of lions, equipped with strengths of their own, through their fossilised remains. His endeavor proved to be an immense success, as he revived 7,769 lions and lionesses, each with their own set of skills and abilities. These lions and lionesses branched out to once more reign over the various kingdoms that dotted the mythical isle.
The legend of the Alpha Lion is one of patience, perseverance, power, and potentiality. He is no longer a solitary lion, for now, he is the Alpha Diamond Crusted Lion, whose pride of lions and lionesses have bestowed upon him that inimitable and unrivaled title – 'The One Above All'.
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